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Atantic crossing 2016


Motor sailing until the wind died just after 0900, Nilaya continues towards Gran Canaria at good speed. Apart from an hour of motor sailing close to Las Palmas this would be the last bit of sailing today.

Nuria celebrated her friend Danae’s birthday with a delicious chocolate cake. Danae would have loved it, but since she’s in Barcelona, more cake for the crew. Poor Danae..  During the cakefest, one of the fishing lines screeched into life. Fish!! Tom A jumped to it, but was perhaps a little hasty to land his monster catch. Yes, it’s the age-old story of the fisherman. Tom’s prize got away.

Pungent smoke from the engine room exhaust fan at just before 10 in the evening had James and Jerry rapidly shutting systems down. After an initial frenzy, the culprit was clear. The ‘belt tensioner’ that maintains tension on the main engine alternator belt had collapsed. Ryan’s nose, swifter than any alarm had the machinery shut down quickly. James and Jerry set to and had the tensioner and belt replaced quickly whilst Nilaya proceeded under staysail at 2 knots towards Las Palmas.

Nilaya’s final arrival alongside was delayed by our agent (required by Las Palmas Port Authority) booking an alongside berth that was wholly unsuited to Nilaya. The dock was protected by large commercial solid rubber fenders that would have damaged Nilaya’s composite hull within moments of her coming alongside.

Finally, Nilaya was directed to another commercial birth with less unsuitable fenders. A berth that still required an hourly watch to ensure the fenders and lines remained in place on a falling tide.  JI

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