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Atlantic crossing 2016


Rain this morning. Rain. Very wet rain. The designers at Musto certainly know how to keep people dry. Something those on deck were very thankful for. 

The breeze died on the approach to Gibraltar, so the staysail was furled at 0600. Arrival at 0800, straight to the fuel dock, where we had to wait for a catamaran to bunker first.

Fuelled, Nilaya moved to the Queensway marina for the night. The shore party Nuria and Gioia, retuned after a successful sortie. Greeted with chorus’ of delight, they managed to procure among other delights, genuine sausage rolls from Morrisons….. Such fortune!

A night in Gibraltar would not be complete without a visit to the Donkey’s Flip-flop. James, never shy to volunteer, led from the front and also managed to locate the ‘Raj’ for ‘just one last curry’ before the desolation of the Atlantic Ocean. JI

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