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Atlantic crossing 2016


A daybreak departure from Cartagena to the backdrop of a stunning autumnal sunrise with still water and little breeze. Lots of activity from the Spanish Navy including departure of a submarine kept the watch keepers busy. 

The mainsail was hoisted to check functionality of the modified reef 2. The sail looked good, as did the repair. Great news for the crossing - Reef 2 is a one of the most useful, giving a good balance between power and ease of sail handling.  But, the still air prevented any sailing, so the mainsail was lowered and secured.

Motoring down the Spanish coast in calm waters requires an alert crew. Lots of fishing vessels ply the waters here. Fishing boats that manoeuvre in seemingly random patterns, sometimes alone sometimes in pairs. Dolphins are frequent visitors too. It’s hard to tire of watching these graceful creatures glide, leap and gamble in the bow and stern waves of the boat. The spectacle at night is equally impressive. As the dolphins swim they disturb phytoplankton in the water, some of which emit light in a phenomena called bioluminescence. The visual effect is seeing a ‘tube’ through which the dolphins have swum.   JI

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