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Atlantic crossing 2016


And like a greyhound from the traps, the 2016 crossing to the Caribbean is finally underway.

Nilaya slipped her lines from the dock in Palma at 0945 and motored across the south western coast of Palma, conducting a man overboard  / first aid drill as she went. The crew in good spirits recovered our victim (a life buoy and bucket) and successfully ‘resuscitated’ the poor unfortunate.

With the crew falling into their watch system for the crossing, the excitement and anticipation for the crossing was palpable. Spirits rose further by late afternoon when the wind built sufficiently to deploy the staysail for the first time. The wind angle improved by 1800 and Nilaya was well underway, making 12 knots with 2 reefs in the mainsail and the staysail.  Shortly after 2015, a wind shift required a tack to get around the coast of Ibiza. With a bang, the second reef point in the boom failed. All hands were quickly on deck and quickly reefed the sail further to reef 3, the damaged reef lock removed and all made safe.

Rain and a cold wind kept the crew company through most of the night as the wind increased.


Crossing with Nilaya this year are a great crew. A crew led by Tom Hollyhomes, with first mate, Ryan Donaldson; engineers, James McGarry and Jerry Ibberson; chef, Nuria Gutierrez; stewardess, Gioia Gracis and deckhand Tom Ashmore. Also joining Nilaya for the crossing is the very experienced Pitiou Fabre.   JI

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