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Wind, waves and another whale visit



The last couple off days we are blessed with wind, this means the white stuff is up and the machinery is turned down. Another feature that comes with the sailing is the manual steering. As everybody knows we are trying to get to St Maarten, and we’d like to do this as quick and as safe as possible.

As I am trying to write this, the boat is fully heeled over, because some of my crew members think that if we sail higher we will get their quicker. They’re right, the boat speed is higher, the only problem is that we will not end up in St Maarten, but most likely Florida or Jamaica.

Another feature is that by now because of the heel, the locker button is engraved in my hip and the grain of the beautiful interior is imprinted into my face.

Today during the afternoon watch our private whale came by to say hello, while Alma was sending the boat down hill with 16+ knots, our whale popped up to say hello


Weather wise, their are some active squalls around us that make it "interesting" not because of the rain, but more because of the 25- 28 kn of breeze, that push us down the waves to probably a new delivery record of 18,5 kn.

Food wise: The lunch was a pasta salad, a green salad, roasted red pepper soup and sandwiches and dinner today was a nice light thai chicken curry with lemon grass, as you can image we are not loosing any weight, sorry honey that I have to deal with later.

We are approaching the last 24 hours off this delivery, I will like to thank James, Marianne, Alma, Will, Jerry and Louis, for their effort to make this a nice trip for everyone.

Signing off from the beautiful yacht Nilaya, 


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