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Power reaching and a surfing Whale


The evening had an eventful end, the cheesy Christmas songs were playing courtesy of a tuneful Marianne singing along, as Nilaya surfed off the waves on a speedy course to the Caribbean. Jerry and his keen eyes spotted a whale of the port bow and raised the alarm to the rest of the crew. We all rushed on deck, cameras at the ready.

Two boat lengths away a minky whale passed to port with the occasional blast of fishy breath from his blowhole, surprisingly after passing by he turned and began to follow as if the festive music had attracted it. For the next 10 minutes Nilaya and the solitary whale surfed the Atlantic rollers, the whale flanking the boat roughly 30 meters behind. Almost as quickly as he appeared he went only to be spotted at dusk again by James, this time ahead of us leading the way into the glowing orange sunset to the west. 

The early night watches were blessed by a bright half moon with a backdrop of a clear starry night and a consistent breeze of 15 plus knots. James gave the order to heat the boat up onto an almost direct course to St Maarten as he was happy with the position we were in with the current weather front.

Louis and myself got Nilaya humming away as we charged down one wave onto the next at a consistent 14 plus knots. Needless to say the watch passed buy very quickly, a far cry from the windless early days of the crossing.

Daybreak today has seen the wind come further aft and build steadily. Thus bringing about a completion to see whose watch will take the top speed prize. So far the 1400 till 1600 watch has been leading, Alma holding the trophy of a top speed of 15.7. But news just in Marianne is calling from up on deck that she has just hit 16.4 after powering down a wave. It looks to be a fun final few days on our voyage to St Maarten.


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