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The wind has arrived!


The B&G slowly got up to show 12kn TWS and at a TWA of 90 degrees, we were off. We sailed through the night with only some occasions when dropping wind necessitated us using the engine for periods of time. Steering under the stars meant the watches shot by and with the rising sun we shook the reef out of the main and from then on have enjoyed a solid 11-13 knots of boat speed. 

The heel of the boat has taken us a few hours to get used to again, but at present all crew are enjoying the sensation of shooting across the waves using no more then 10-13 knots of breeze. Predictions on when we will arrive in the Caribbean have already started being made. 

We have our fingers crossed that we will keep this wind for the next few days and it will allow us to sail al the way to St Maarten.



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