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Nilaya blog update December 7th


The first night watch last night began by being serenaded with Jerry’s folk song of the day, which this time was ‘the most miserable Christmas carol’. Quite an experience. The lack of wind meant we needed a way to pass the time yet again. The DJ challenge for the evening is ‘greatest movie hits’. Everyone takes turns picking a song and tries to out-do each other. Previous challenges include ‘dance floor fillers’ and ‘cheesy love ballads’.

Night watches pass by with a few shooting stars, but otherwise uneventful. Just after the sunrise, the fishing line whizzes away and I get into a tug of war with what feels like a massive beast! I manage to reel it in hand over hand some of the way, but don’t have time to get the line on the winch, and the lure snaps off. One more fish swimming around the Atlantic with one of our lures hanging off its lip! Shortly after, Arjen spots what looks like a pilot whale surfacing off the starboard bow, but we don’t see any more of them, unfortunately.

We have an overcast day of northeasterly swells, and motoring into light westerly winds with the main reef three up. We get a radio call from a passing motor yacht also heading to the Caribbean, and have a quick chat about the forecast. Apart from that, no other vessels are near by. The boys are tinkering away up on deck as per usual and Marianne is baking up a storm in the galley. Today’s creation is dark chocolate log. Lunch is beef and vegetable egg fried rice, and dinner; Italian beef stew.

We are just past half way and still waiting for the breeze to pick up and shift around to the east so we can do some sailing! Hopefully that will happen in the next few days.


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