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day 6


Last night we gybed on to port before sunset to make sure we stayed in a good lane with the depression that has deepening to the north.

We also reefed down to reef 3 although the wind was averaging 18 in to the night Jonny had noticed the low was deepening even more and felt we should prepare for the worst…. The worst is exactly what we got with several squalls through the night gusting up to 47 knots!... but with the jib furled away and the ‘Jamie reef’ in we easily sailed on course making a good VMG down wind.

This morning the breeze had gone back to the east (again Paul predicting the closest time to the shift) Here we gybed back over to port tack and continued, at this point still with the intention of going to Gibraltar! As the day ran on the wind was consistently 10 to 15 knots over the 25 to30 Knots forecast, as one more ominous squall appeared on the horizon we conceded to drop the main and head north east towards Horta… this proved to be the right move as we had a full white out in the rain and on the consul B&G’s we saw 60knots TWS.

So far sailing very conservatively we have had no damage and nobody has been hurt (even Barry our stowaway pigeon is still with us) but my feeling is the risk is not worth the reward so we will make a slight adjustment to the course so we have the back up option of the “storm bolt hole” if the weather dose not change dramatically in the coming 24 hrs.

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