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day 4 & 5


As forecast, Friday morning we reached on a 020’ heading in 15 knots of wind, as the day went on we slowly got headed bring us down to course 068’. We expect to be able to hold this course for the coming 24 hrs.

We had a bit of a drama at sunset today as a squall came in just after dark, the breeze came fro 15 knots up to 32 knots but the guys got the jib furled away quickly and we reefed the main down again to reef#2


For the remainder of the night and we stuck with the 2 reefs and keep this all day today. The wind has not been much above 20 knots but we have been making good mileage on course.

We have had a stowaway with us for 3 days ‘Barry’ the pigeon, who seems to want to nest in Tom and Daz’s hair?!.


The forecast looks like we will have an unstable 24/36 hours ahead, followed by the reaching for a couple of days after. We have now started on a direct route missing the Azores and will only head to Horta if the breeze turns out much stronger in the developing depression to the north. We still have plenty of fuel to carry us to at least Gibraltar at that point we will decide if a brief stop there is needed or if we can continue to Palma, Ideally arriving with empty fuel tanks so we’re nice and light for the ‘Palma Vela’.

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