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Day 3.


After a nice night sail we gybed over on to port tack and started in a North East direction, we sailed until 10am before dropping the main and furling away the jib. The wind had gone all the way aft and dropped to 8 knots so to prevent damage to the sails (from flogging from side to side in the rolly sea state), we then stuck to the plan and headed north under engine towards the front we expected to find around sunset.

Through the day Jonny (our delivery crew member) insisted we needed to catch a tuna for some sushi and so put out a fishing rod, after trawling the line for 6 hours we could see the front coming and decided to day was not going to be the day for sushi and put the rod away and got back to business.

The wind clocked and built to a nice 12 to 18 knots and with it came the rain… Lots of rain!!!

We will try to stay on this route for 2 days now, getting in as much east as we can. We’re currently sailing with full jib and reef 1 in the main with an average speed of about 11knots

In the next 24 hrs we should be clear of the worst of the weather and in to some stronger breeze as it builds we expect it to go more to the west (270’ to 280’) giving us some nice downwind reaching.

All the crew are happy and getting on well, I know we’re all interested to see how everyone is getting on in the J-Class at The St Bart’s Bucket. I’m sure as soon as the internet connection comes back this will be high on the hit list on Google!

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