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Internet is down but the wind is up….



Last night was another nice sail with full main and full jib, with a good 070-degree wind angle and 10 to 13 knots true wind, we notched up an average boat speed of 11.5 knots over night.

Through the night under a full moon we had a few guest, a large pod of dolphins followed us leaving trails of bright florescence. We also had a few not so welcome flying fish land on the deck.

We passed a small sailing yacht “Diablo Citron” who seemed to not be having such a fun sail as they rolled along at 4.5 knots.

Today at sun rise the breeze slowly dropped and we ended up motor sailing, thankfully this did not last very long. The cloud cover cleared after a few hours we found our self with 15 knots of wind and a nice reach for the remainder of the morning and all afternoon.

We are making good progress with 500miles done already!

Unfortunately on this course we have a satellite blind spot so I have been unable to update weather files or update friends and family back home. We expect with the current course and speed and the weather we have now that the breeze should hold over night and we will be sailing until tomorrow and probably heading north in to better pressure under engine on the 29th!

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