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First full day at sea!


First day at sea… through the night we have had 10 to 16 knots of wind and made really nice progress under the full moon and over the slight sea state.

After this mornings weather update spirits are much higher with the prospect of less motoring ahead with a nice band of 15 knots, we can see ahead the breeze dropping but have managed to get a full 12 hours more sailing in than expected… and we’re still going strong.

The only sign of bad the weather ahead was a small shower, but nobody seemed to mind too much as it was on nipper Tom’s who got wet!

The first nights sailing was uneventful, and now the crew are settling in to the watch system without any problems even with my ‘Mum duty’ yesterday the food was served with out a hitch and only a little burned on top!...

The forecast for the next 24 hours suggests we’ll be sailing in to an area of very light wind which we have to push through to get to the 10 to 20 knots on the other side. After a relaxing 24hrs at sea and a very respectable average speed of 11knots, all the crew are slipping in to the routine onboard and looking forward to the weeks ahead!.

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