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Hi there, dear Nilaya-blogfans,


Hope I do not bore you too much with my chit-chat about sailing, I can only tell you that this trip so far, has been paradise for a sailor! Wind, waves, speed, rain (lots of), sunshine, moonlight, team spirit and a great boost to my sailing-skills. Live on board, the food, the fun, the comfort of this lovely yacht Nilaya is just amazing!

So, back to the Race! We have a winner: Leopard! In a breathtaking record time of 7days 9hours and 4 minutes! Well done Leopard, congratulations to the team, great performance!

When I left you yesterday, the rain was pouring down and the afternoon watch passed waiting for the A3 to be fully repaired. As soon as it was, we hoisted it and  fingers crossed  all seemed fineBANG! 1/2hour later it exploded again, sad for the guys who spent so much work on it, but, with these conditions, it couldnt be repaired properly. So, dragging, pulling, sweating (repeat) again and hoist the Jib. Our watch started at 00h00 and all remained quiet, under a star loaded sky and a bright moon, no problems to keep the speed up to acceptable levels, sailing with the Jib  I was driving for 1 hour as well.


Next watch came on deck and Bouwe took advantage of the number of hands to set the Code Zero. The set went perfect and just after midnight, I hit my bunk hoping to catch some sleep before the next watch at 04h00.


When I woke up I found almost the whole crew on deck?? What happened? It seemed that during Bouwe`s watch, he started playing with the A1 spinnaker, to be able to sail lower, improving our VMC.


Conditions very squally, wind speeds going up and down, varying between 15 to 25kts, so they had to take it down and set the Code Zero again  yes after midnight, all hence on deck...honestly, I was glad Jodie `forgot` to wake me up!

So a beautiful sunrise, perfect sailing conditions, Code Zero, sunrays shimmering on the water, the rhythm of the waves, the breakfastthis is finally Caribbean sailing! Get the sunscreen, time for pictures, time for GOPRO action. Aksel telling us that there is 24hrs still to go to the finish.


The rest of the day pretty much the same, wind speeds 17-22kts, boat speeds average 13-15kts, we are running away again from our competition, heading straight to Virgin Gorda.


With Filip organizing the flights for the crew, this first crossing is running to its end!Next blog entry will (hopefully) be the one to confirm our 2nd place, which is a great performance and leaves rooms for improvementnext year!!Hope you enjoyed it a little bit, keep reading the blog, I will add footage and pictures to the different entries as soon as I returned and have good internet connection! That` all folks for now! Jan.

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